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What would your school or organization do with $2,000?  Buy some playground equipment?  Buy some books? Pay for a field trip?  We all know that our schools are in dire need of funding and some "extras" have been cut over the years. What if YOU could do something to help?  This program is so important to Amy because not only does she have children in Elementary School, but she was once a teacher herself.  She knows what it's like to not be able to pay for the things that students need, like field trips, subscriptions to educational materials, new books for the classroom, etc.  When you sell a house with Amy Brick, through the Realtors for School's program, she will donate $2,000 to the school of your choice! It's that simple!  You can even designate it to a particular classroom! It doesn't have to stop at Schools.  If you sell your house under this program, she will donate to any non profit organization that you would like to support.  

Realtors 4 Schools & Non Profits